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Welcome Shiloh/Chicago Academy Alumni, Family and Friends! The SC3A Executive Board is excited to celebrate 2019 as our School’s 106th anniversary, and look forward to working with members of the SC3A network to make this year a fruitful one!  This year, our theme is “Take Care of YOU: Alumni Health & Wellness” where we’ll focus on mental, physical, and spiritual wellness.  The SC3A is all about remembering who we are, reconnecting with one another, and reinvesting in those who follow in our footsteps at Chicago SDA Elementary (formerly Shiloh SDA Academy).  We’re eager to see how Shiloh/Chicago Academy Alumni work together to support excellence in the months to come!

Executive Board

Antoniah Lewis

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Anne Burton-Anobian

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Diedra Willis-McLaurin

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Vanessa Virgil

Assistant Secretary
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Marilynn Fouche

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David Graham

Assistant Treasurer
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Esther Cross

Member At-Large
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Marilyn Richards

Member At-Large
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Sabrina Webb

Member At-Large
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President's Message

It is an honor to greet you as President of the Shiloh/Chicago Academy Alumni Association’s (SC3A) Executive Board. As an alum (c/o ’94 & ’98), I’m proud to share in Shiloh SDA Academy’s rich heritage as Chicago’s first Black parochial school, and its continued tradition of empowering young people through arts and holistic faith-based education….(continue)

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Annual Giving

We are asking everyone who is part of the SC3A network to consider giving an annual gift of $25 or more.  You are a part of the SC3A network if you:

  • attended Shiloh Academy (whether for 6 months or pre-K through 12th!)
  • taught at Shiloh Academy
  • are related to or work with a current or former Shiloh Academy alum, faculty, or student
  • have interest in connecting with our alumni
  • are seeking community service and youth mentoring opportunities
  • believe in empowerment through education

Your contributions help provide assistance to the school in the form of scholarships, technology & equipment, structural repairs, and academic enrichment activities, as well as support alumni engagement events held throughout the year.

Donations may be submitted at any time via PayPal using the “Donate” buttons on the screen or visiting, or via U.S. Mail using the address provided below.

Please make checks payable to: Shiloh/Chicago Alumni Association P.O. Box 198936 Chicago, Il 60619

Membership Dues